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If you’re fortunate to live in the United States, there are great things expected of you. No seriously, there’s a lot of pressure living here. You not only have the best chance of earning a top tier-income, you have the opportunity to create your own business, establish a brand for yourself and be your biggest boss all on your own terms. It’s the most convenient and easiest place to finally ‘make it’.

There’s no communist dictatorship censoring your rights or the government taking away most of your income once you reach a certain amount. …

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Building wealth seems frustrating and confusing for most no matter where you’re from. Considering we are living in the most innovative, expansive gig economy that has been transformed by globalization, we would think there would be no problem. After all, the internet is all you need to make it nowadays.

Yet my generation (GenZ) in particular have felt increasingly more anxious about all the opportunities and seem to not have enough time nor direction on where to go! More graduates from top IVY League schools are unemployed and almost 20 million Americans don’t have access to broadband internet.

To be…

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The number one goal for parents is to have their kids become more successful than they are and make an impact on the world so they can brag about it for the rest of their lives.

That’s what they are for.

If you ask parents with more than 1 child why they wanted more kids, they likely won’t say they were bored or wanted company, rather the more you have, the likelier you are convinced one will grow up extremely successful and possibly be able to support the rest.

Unfortunately, there is a 99.9% chance each child will have to…

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Long term investing has always been regarded as the easiest fundamental approach towards growing real wealth. From institutional investors to investing legends such as Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch who’ve all followed this strategy for decades, it’s a classic approach that requires patience more than anything.

Being told not to touch your holdings and obsess over market trends and alerts is harder than it seems.

In basic terms, buy and hold is a way to trade stocks. The reason you would buy is to buy a share (piece) of a company and hold is to wait off on buying the…

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You would think too much of anything is not a problem except when it comes to taxes.

At the moment, most of the wealthy have either fled to Florida and pretend they live there permanently in order to pay less in taxes for their NYC estate(s) or are panicking about Biden’s new tax law calling up their lawyers to hide their money in off-shore accounts in islands that charge 0 in corporate and income tax.

Tax helps the country as a whole and a system the rich need to fight. That’s why they are annoyed.

Yet to be fair, they…

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Reading and writing is something we all learn in school. It’s a skill that’s necessary and thankfully taught without hesitation in the education system. Yet many skills in life that are as important such as financial literacy, mental health and networking to name a few are ignored upon.

Without writing, we cannot do most things like express our voices and change the world but without basic financial literacy, we cannot stay alive.

Messed Up Writing

When we were taught how to write in Pre-K, usually quality > quantity and page limits were the standard. …

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Without your health, you have nothing. Most learn that lesson when it’s too late.

Just like insurance, you cannot purchase it when you need it. It takes a lifestyle to be healthy, not a quick fix.

Most professionals believe they must put their health on the back-burner because salary and prestige are more important.

Until they reach retirement, they attempt to start figuring out how to loose 60 lbs, reduce their blood sugar levels, abolish their debilitating depression, and gain back their health via a single prescription.

As if that could happen.

You cannot deal with health at a later…

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In this gig economy, there are countless ways to make money yet most of them pay nothing and are hard to continue for long.

Driving an Uber or delivering groceries for GrubHub is usually not sustainable and wastes a lot of upfront time and cost. From gas to parking, it can be a troublesome and not realistic if you are looking to make a realistic amount of money to invest and save for retirement.

The ideal situation is if we could all work for ourselves and make our desired pay for what we believe we are worth. We all know…

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An easy way to ruin your life is by living in competition and endless comparison.

Envy is a global sin and truly a trap. Especially in this digital world where tech has allowed us to see how everyone else is living, doing, acting, etc., envy is the most common reason people miss out on their unique plan.

It’s not just you. I’ve witnessed it in every age, group, economic setting/class, ethic society and every place I’ve traveled to across the globe.

The rich aren’t more jealous of the rich or the poor aren’t more jealous of anyone above them, we…

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There’s never an end to money problems.

It is at the crux of all our dilemmas in life.

No money no problem right?

The only problem then is the economy would be dead and we would have more problems.

Yet, having too much is as bad as having too little.

One of the reasons so many newly rich people suddenly go broke is because they used their old money habits to handle their new money problems.

Ever wondered why 80%+ NFL, NBA, celebrities, sports stars and lottery winners go bankrupt in the next few months?

They’ve never been accustomed to…

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