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And no. Majority of the buyers aren’t the ones you only hear of in the media.

Real estate is having its best year yet. The median home price in the U.S. has skyrocketed to a new record up 22.9% from the prior year to $363,300. With limited inventory and ravenous demand, at this point in time, only certain buyers will pay double the asking price for a property to just take advantage of a newly-renovated one-of-a-kind. It is also a time when many will end up regretting their purchases.

This is clearly a seller’s market and during this time, it’s…

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As females, we are naturally more risk-averse than males and tend to shy away from speculative investments that have no justification for their price.

Fortunately, our conservatism through passive investing comes in handy since it ends up returning us more in the long-run.

Although men make up 90% of portfolio managers in the world since they landed a head start in the financial world and in the workforce in general, even trained professionals haven’t historically outperformed females’ portfolios.

I’m convinced the reason is due to the fact that women don’t track performance nor make it a competition since after all…

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No this isn’t about side-hustles and grinding all day on your Shopify store selling socks and random junk that serves no one.

Hitting the 7-figure mark may seem impossible to most, especially those who are swimming in debt, just graduated, earning minimum wage or without any formal education. Yet as someone who is self-made getting closer to the mark any day now, I can tell you it’s easier than it seems, even at 20.

As someone with no special talents, IQ and a daughter of immigrants, my chances aren’t so high. Despite the robust online opportunities to earn more than…

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There are several possessions such as assets and valuables we purchase in life without question almost regardless of price.

Majority of people don’t understand why until they become adults or deal with aging parents. The sad truth is that we don’t change until we are forced to when it’s typically too late.

Without these investments we feel unsafe, vulnerable and trapped under a rock.

Thank goodness for insurance. A treasure most of us are unfamiliar with yet invest in anyway which in this case is a good thing! …

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You can fake it on jewelry, clothing, food, vacations, cars and virtually anything except for property.

Yes, you can take out a 30-year fixed mortgage and put down only 5% on an Upper West side penthouse, but on paper, it doesn’t mean you own it.

A quick way to tell if someone is truly wealthy or fake is to check out their property. Stealth wealth frugality is mainstream and hidden everywhere. The rich don’t bother with image, they focus on internal wealth not external validation. They are better than that so they stash their money in appreciating assets that also…

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Back in the olden days (pre-my birth in 2000) minus 5 decades or so, wealth was symbolized as having golden jewelry, majestic labradoodles, white skin, daily new outfits for each outing, handkerchiefs, gloves and carriages with white ponies.

Fast forward a few decades later to the early 21st century, this traditional and classic style evolved from an easy way to judge the rich from the poor, to now a comfy and hobo hidden unidentifiable look. …

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The pandemic has upended all our lives in different ways and hopefully made us more appreciative of what we have.

After all, we don’t appreciate what we truly have until it’s gone.

What’s fascinating about us creatures is that we are hesitant upon any change but once it’s initiated, we adapt rapidly. …

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People are obsessed with portraying themselves as someone they are not.

With 80% of car owners not able to afford their vehicles and 87% of Americans in some sort of “toxic debt” e.g. luxury good or car loans as the most common forms, following deceptive marketing tactics of luxury and appeal are dangerous and will come back to haunt consumers.

Whenever you indicate to people you have more than you want to provide or really have, you put yourself in jeopardy.

Opportunities vanish, you become distasteful to others, people expect more from you causing damaged relationships and spurring lies.


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Any economic imbalance from a slight correction to wounded depression stretches the divide between the wealthy and the poor.

During this deadly pandemic, as the top 10% have amassed $12 trillion with the majority of their wealth tied up in the markets and their businesses while the bottom 50% have only gained $2 trillion made up of those who are mostly not invested with not enough emergency funds nor passive income streams to keep them afloat for the next downturn, wealth inequality has gotten worse over the years in developed nations.

Thankfully, although unemployment is high, job openings aren’t. You…

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As most of us do, we know someone who’s emphatically obsessed with coffee. Mine is a childhood friend and has had a love affair with it since a decade ago. And no, it hasn’t stunt her growth.

The reason I documented my successful coffee accomplishment into this article is because this was certainly no easy task and easily one of the most painful annoying challenges I’ve ever done.

As a personal finance enthusiast, I typically ban myself from coffee, since we despise tiny expenses that don’t generate cash flow. This can be an annoying mindset when enjoying life. For those…

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