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At the start of the year, we are bombarded with self-help. It sells really well. The top two resolutions throughout time have been to become more fit and wealthier.

The best investment is in ourselves. Every person on Earth could improve upon something yet buying the books, attending classes, purchasing…

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I started reading the newspaper at an early age.

My parents would leave the NYT, WSJ, Economist, NY Journal, and The New Yorker open on the coffee table. I would attempt to read them but assumed they would not only be boring but too difficult to understand.

Surprisingly it was…

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Time is here for you not against you.

The younger we are, the less we appreciate hurdles, challenges, and setbacks due to embarrassment and failure. Later on, we cherish these opportunities since we learn the most about ourselves during the toughest moments, not easy wins.

What are you waiting for…

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Although I am a Gen-Zer born in 2000, I’m not that young to forget the classic revolutionary BlackBerry!

Since the dawn of the touchscreen interface revolutionized by Apple with the first iPhone launched in 2007, BlackBerry soon lost its purpose and functionality but its mogo, style, and popularity have always…

Mia Gradelski

20 yr old personal finance enthusiast. Education is the greatest catalyst towards economic prosperity. You can boil it down here

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