A College Student’s COVID Reflection

As a maximizer and someone who budgets, it was fascinating to find how COVID had an impact this time around.

After 5 months of WFH finishing up my freshman year I saved:

-400 hours + $3500 transportation w/ 5:30 am/8:30pm train+subway rides 3x weekly

Implement student rate+walk from GC to NYU to slash 1/3rd.

-97% lowered my anxiety, sweat, tears+fear of being late

More comfortable with public transportation now, the better equipped I will be out of college+understand that I’m doing it to save money instead of leasing $1500+NYC apt.

-$900 food

Going forward will pack my lunch+order occasional deliveries b/c I eat out 1–2x a month anyway.

-Generated $600 monthly passive income+opened ROTH

-Found a wonderful teammate, investors+execs, pitched, and started my life long dream that was buried in my journal waiting to be forgotten

-225 extra hours of sleep

Rest>excess work+reduce amount of exercise so I don’t wake up 3 hours before Squawk box

-$2000 gym membership, yes I know. My health is everything.

Purchased at-home equip; no more monthly recurring charges

Although there are multiple benefits, there are always cons to everything. We’ve all found ourselves working longer, harder, and become easily burnout.

So, how can we find a happy medium regardless of any circumstance?



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