😷 Why Our Health Should Not Be A Debate

Over the past few months as the virus has spread and people have begun the summer traditions of cookouts, barbecues, venturing out to water parks, and socializing more, as a New Yorker, I’m becoming increasingly annoyed by those who decide that it is okay to fight and protest against not wearing a mask.

I don’t want to start a debate.

That is not why I’m here.

Remember, I write about what is “just enough” to get my personal opinion across.

All I have to say is that those who choose to not wear a mask, have too much time on their hands and don’t care about others.

Yeah, I said it.

If you cared about not shedding the virus to others, keeping our communities safe, and your own health, then you would easily put on a mask and not question it.

I don’t know if you are someone who likes to pick a fight or refute everything that is politely asked of you, but you need to stop. This is the type of attitude that is leading to this massive second wave across the country.

There is no reason why wearing masks is taking your freedom away. You will have far less freedom once you attract the virus and have to stay home.

There is no reason why wearing masks are bad. Yet, Americans love to find a reason why they are being prejudiced.

The problem is they cannot put their opinions aside to help stop the spread of this virus.

We all don’t want to wear masks but we are doing it for each other to keep safe.

Mature folks do it and why can’t you?

Until you find a legitimate reason about why masks are taking away your liberty and that they are deadly, there is no reason why you cannot wear an un-harmful piece of PPE to keep you safe.

That’s all. Short and sweet?

Do you follow the health and safety rules or want to stand out of the crowd on this issue for no reason?



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Mia Gradelski

Mia Gradelski

21-yr-old personal finance enthusiast making sense of cents. You can boil it down here as well: https://boilednotfried.com